Sex and the City slammed after Sarah Jessica Parker 'joke' about Northern Ireland resurfaces

Sex and the City slammed after Sarah Jessica Parker 'joke' about Northern Ireland resurfaces

SEX AND the City fans have been left shocked and embarrassed after a cringeworthy line about Northern Ireland was unearthed from the series.

First broadcast in June 1998, Sex and the City was a ground-breaking series in the history of television, offering a refreshingly frank female perspective on the dating scene in New York at the time.

But while the show may have been ahead of its time back in the late ‘90s, some aspects have not aged particularly well.

That includes one rather clunky line from the show’s third episode, where Sarah Jessica Parker’s central protagonist Carrie attempts to draw a comparison between romantic struggles and the ongoing conflict in Northern Ireland.

In the clip, Parker’s character says, “As I sifted through the rubble of my marriage skirmish, I had a thought; maybe the fights between marrieds and singles is like the war in Northern Ireland.”

She continues: “We’re all basically the same but somehow we wound up on different sides.”

The cringeworthy line was uncovered by Irish writer Declan Cashin, who shared the offending footage on social media.

The episode actually aired just a few months after the Good Friday Agreement was signed, in a watershed moment that brought a close to the conflict after 30 years.

Fans were understandably shocked to find such a clumsy line in the critically acclaimed show.

One wrote: ““I was about to say it’s not aged well, but I’m struggling to think of a time this was okay!”

Another said: “I need to go back and watch this show because I would be howling. WHAT.”

A third, meanwhile, simply wrote: “Oh wow… I mean…. wow”.

There’s no word yet on whether the much-anticipated revival of the show will feature another fresh hot take on the situation in Northern Ireland.

The new series, which will feature Parker alongside original stars Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, is due to air later this year.