Shane McGowan shares throwback photo of Sinead O’Connor as part warm tribute to old friend

Shane McGowan shares throwback photo of Sinead O’Connor as part warm tribute to old friend

SHANE MACGOWAN has paid a special tribute to close friend Sinead O’Connor ahead of the release of her new memoirs.

The Pogues singer took to social media to send his best wishes to O’Connor, sharing a snap of the pair together alongside lyrics from one of his best loved songs Rainy Night In Soho.

Never one to hold anything back, MacGowan also declared “Sinead I love you” in the heartwarming post.

Featured alongside a picture of the pair looking younger and decidedly fresher faced, the caption read: “I've been loving you a long time. Down all the years, down all the days. And I've cried for all your troubles…Smiled at your funny little ways. Sinead I love you.”

Two of Ireland’s most iconic performers, the pair have a relationship that goes back to the 1990s, when they famously dueted on the song Haunted.

The song, which was originally written for the soundtrack to the 1986 film Sid and Nancy, was rerecorded by MacGowan and O’Connor in 1992.

It went on to feature on another soundtrack, this time for the film Two If By The Sea, and eventually hit the charts in 1995.

MacGowan has previously spoken fondly of O’Connor, describing her as a “generous soul” who “looked after me when I really needed it.”

The Pogues icon is continuing his recovering from the painful fall that saw him suffer a shattered knee late last year.

O’Connor, meanwhile, has been busy promoting her soon-to-be-released autobiography, Rememberings.

In an extract published by The Irish Times, O’Connor revealed she was expelled from three different schools in the space of just nine months during her teen years before eventually being sent to reformatory.

Much of this was down to the fact she kept getting caught stealing.

"I’ve actually been thrown out of, like, three schools in the past nine months,” she writes.

"And I still keep getting caught stealing. If a thing ain’t nailed down, I’m stealing it. I don’t even know why."

Rememberings is out on June 1.