Sinead O'Connor she wouldn’t be alive today if she hadn't publicly reached out for help

Sinead O'Connor she wouldn’t be alive today if she hadn't publicly reached out for help

SINEAD O’CONNOR has admitted she was “seriously in danger of dying” during the lowest points of her ongoing battle with mental health issues.

The Nothing Compares 2 U star spoken openly and honestly to comedian Tommy Tiernan about how bad the situation became.

It all came in ahead in August 2017 when the 53-year-old posted an emotional 12-minute video on Facebook in which she admitted experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Though the Dublin-born musician later returned to social media to reassure fans she did not want to take her own life, she admitted to Tiernan that she was in a fragile place at the time.

The musician, who goes by the name Shuhada Sadaqat since converting to Islam, said: '"There was s*** going on in my life that drove me a bit mental in the midst of which I had a radical hysterectomy which would drive anyone mental."

The interview saw Sadaqat open up about her struggles with maintaining friendships and agoraphobia – a fear of open spaces.

"Do I have lots of friends? No I don't, no," she admitted.

"I suppose because I was a bit lonely, I am also agoraphobic, which nobody knows about, I never discuss that, which is a fear of open spaces so I don't go out much.”

Having shot to global fame at a young age, Shuhada admitted that she still struggles with a suspicion that the friends and friendships she has formed in the years since haven’t always been genuine.

"It would be rare for me to experience people who want to be friends with me just because they like me," she said,

"There is usually a job or something else in it."

"And I have become untrusting of people. I became cynical, so I am not great at making friends. I am lacking in that department."