Sister of woman murdered by IRA calls for boycott of new beer named after Gerry Adams

Sister of woman murdered by IRA calls for boycott of new beer named after Gerry Adams

A WOMAN whose sister was killed by the IRA has urged the American public to boycott a new beer named after Gerry Adams.

It comes after Chicago-based craft beer company Revolution Brewery released their latest product – Adams' Best.

On their website, the company explain that Adams' Best "is named for Gerry Adams, the president of Sinn Féin, who was instrumental in the development of the Belfast Agreement in the late 1990s, which brought a ceasefire to Northern Ireland".

Not mentioned however is the former Sinn Féin president's association with the IRA.

Mr Adams has always denied membership of the IRA – but authors such as Ed Moloney, Peter Taylor, Mark Urban and historian Richard English have all named Adams as part of the IRA leadership since the 1970s.

Ann Travers, whose 22-year-old sister Mary what shot dead by the Provisional IRA in Belfast in 1984, said honouring Adams through a craft beer was "shameful".

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, the victims' campaigner called for a boycott, saying: "It is absolutely unbelievable. I'm actually lost for words.

"How can anyone be so insensitive? It doesn't matter where you're from or what political persuasion you may have, this is below poor taste.

"I mean, does the brewery realise Gerry Adams supported IRA actions that killed many, many innocent people?"

Ms Travers added: "I would hope that good Americans are aware of the full story behind this man and I would call on them to boycott this product, because it is simply shameful."

Her sister Mary, who worked as a teacher, was murdered by a Provisional IRA gunmen on April 8, 1984.

The killing occurred as she walked home from Mass with her father, Thomas – the intended target – who worked as a Catholic magistrate.

IRA member Joseph Patrick Haughey was later charged in connection with the murder, but was acquited after doubt was cast over Mr Travers' identification of the gunman.

Haughey, now in his 60s, has been closely linked to ex-Sinn Féin leader Adams.