'Smash a Fenian Day': Email offering '1000 points' to shoot 'plastic Irish' people sent to SNP politician

'Smash a Fenian Day': Email offering '1000 points' to shoot 'plastic Irish' people sent to SNP politician

A SICKENING email promoting ‘Smash A Fenian Day’ has been reported to police by a shocked SNP politician.

Glasgow MSP James Dornan was left stunned after receiving the vile message yesterday and has alerted Police Scotland detectives.

The email contained a poster, which read: "On 1st May 2018, we urge all protestants to stand up and put all Fenians back in their place as it is time for our religion to fight the plastic Irish in our country.

"These Fenian b******s have infiltrated our society, our councils and our government as well as high ranking officials in law."

The racist flyer goes on to offer 'points' for violent attacks such as punching an Irish person, shooting an Irish person or burning down a chapel.

It signs off: “We will be mastered by no Fenian b*****d. No surrender ever. F**k the Pope.”

A stunned Mr Dornan wrote on Twitter: “So I’ve just been emailed this. Any others of my colleagues received it?”

He later added: “Don’t worry about it, it’s just stupid Wee keyboard warriors who are always tougher from the safety of their bedrooms. Nothing is going to happen. Trust me.”

Scottish transport minister Humza Yousaf also spoke out to condemn the sickening email.

He tweeted: “Shocking. Vile stuff. All it takes is one person to act upon this and folk will get hurt. Pleased James Dornan has reported to the Police.”

Mr Dornan had previously reported a sectarian flyer, made by a Rangers supporters' group, that was at the centre of a criminal investigation.

Controversial Gers fan group the 'Union Bears' sparked fury by advertising a march to Ibrox Stadium for the “match against the Fenians”.

Dornan said he was considering quitting Twitter over the abuse he received after reporting the advertisement.