Sweden’s first female Prime Minister resigns after 7 Hours in the job

Sweden’s first female Prime Minister resigns after 7 Hours in the job

SWEDEN’S first female prime minister has resigned after just seven hours of being in the job.

Magdalena Andersson, leader of the center-left Social Democratic Party became prime minister of the largest Nordic nation on Wednesday but resigned the next day, when her coalition partner resigned from the government and her budget was defeated in parliament.

A new budget put forward by a coalition which included the far-right Sweden Democrats party was passed, making her position untenable.

Her Green coalition partners peeled away, leaving Ms Andersson without a parliamentary majority, which caused her precariously formed government to unravel.

"I have told the speaker that I wish to resign," Ms Andersson told reporters.

Her coalition Green Party partners said that a bill "drafted for the first time with the far-right" was too much for them to countenance.

In a Facebook post announcing her historic resignation, Ms Andersson said: “According to constitutional practice, a coalition government should resign if one party leaves the government,” she said.

“For me, it is about respect, but I also do not want to lead a government where there may be grounds to question its legitimacy.”

Ms Andersson said that she will remain in the political arena and is hopeful of becoming prime minister again, this time as a the leader of a single-party-majority.