Taoiseach Leo Varadkar under pressure to call snap election if last-minute Brexit deal reached

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar under pressure to call snap election if last-minute Brexit deal reached

TAOISEACH LEO Varadkar is reportedly being pressured to call a snap general election in the event that a last-minute withdrawal deal is reached with the UK.

A last-minute Brexit deal could result in a massive advantage for political party Fine Gael, who, through party leader Leo Varadkar, would have successfully navigated one of the most complicated and pressing political issues of recent years.

According to The Irish Independent, several key figures within the party have said it would be best for Fine Gael if an election was held shortly after a successful Brexit deal, with one source saying:

"If there is a deal on Brexit, then the Taoiseach will have a very serious decision to make. Many TDs believe their chances would be better in an early vote - probably even next month".

After three years of back-and-forth between the UK and the EU, with deals being rejected and time running out, the likelihood of a disruptive No-Deal seemed imminent.


The Irish government even put over €800 million on standby for next year's budget to help combat the effects of a No-Deal-- effects which include recession and an estimated 73,000 job losses.

However, talks between Mr Varadkar and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week have resulted in the sort of optimism that hasn't been seen in the Brexit debate in some time, and both leaders have said they can now "see a pathway to a possible deal".

Should Mr Varadkar successfully negotiate a deal with the UK, thereby avoiding recession and job losses, it would certainly be a positive time for Fine Gael to risk calling a snap general election-- though they would be counting on voters to overlook the homelessness crisis, rental crisis, mental health crisis and hospital overcrowding crisis, to name a few.

The UK is due to leave the EU in 17 days.