Tesco Ireland to prioritise online delivery service for elderly and most in need

Tesco Ireland to prioritise online delivery service for elderly and most in need

TESCO IRELAND have announced a change to their online delivery service in order to benefit the elderly and most in need.

There had been concerns for those in need as online delivery slots in multiple stores had filled up, with people becoming more and more unwilling to leave their homes as Covid-19 spreads across the country.

New changes to Tesco Ireland's online delivery service will now ensure that people who are unable to leave their homes due to being unwell, less able to get around or who are cocooning, will have easier access to essential supplies.

The elderly had been left struggling after panic buyers depleted the shelves when the virus first began to spread across Europe (Photo by PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

These new measures, which are outlined below, have already resulted in over 2,000 more delivery slots for customers over the age of 65 becoming available in the coming weeks.

The supermarket giant announced that from Monday, 13 April, Tesco Ireland will introduce:

  • Early access to future slots for customers over the age of 65
  • A maximum of 80 items per order to prevent stockpiling or panic-buying
  • More customer care agents to assist new customers over the age of 65 to sign up for the service
  • Temporary suspension of 'delivery saver slots' to make more room for over 65s and those most in need
  • Continuing their campaign of asking younger or more able-bodied customers to 'think before you click' and shop in person if possible, in order to keep delivery slots free for those most in need

These measures are new additions to the myriad of changes Tesco Ireland has already made since the crisis began, which has included recruiting new workers to aid in the unprecedented demand, as well as a 10% bonus for their staff back-dated to the beginning of the crisis.

Geoff Byrne, Chief Operating Officer for Tesco Ireland, said:

We’ve seen unprecedented levels of demand for grocery shopping services. We’re doing everything we can to increase the number of delivery slots available to customers who are over 65 and those who need the service most.

"These new measures and those instigated to date including our ‘think before you click’ campaign are working. We’d like to thank our regular home shopping customers for their patience as we do all we can to make this service available to as many people who need it as possible.”