The new boom in sales of legal CBD cannabis and derivatives in Europe

The new boom in sales of legal CBD cannabis and derivatives in Europe

REPEATED lockdowns and precariousness are the primary agents that, in this last year, according to a very recent study, have caused the sales of CBD cannabis and its derivatives to explode in our country between March 2020 and the last few months.

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CBD market and business

A recent study shows that the most significant users are people over 30.

Still, the products are also tested in the younger range from 18 to 22, with an average monthly expenditure of 50 euros for those who use them regularly.

The study also highlights an increase in demand from the female public over 35.

The main reason listed by the interviewees, why cannabis light is used, is mainly to replace standard cannabis, which has a high THC content, as well as the fact that the latter is illegal and therefore more challenging to buy, also to reduce that sense of addiction that usually comes with natural drugs.

For many respondents, light cannabis and its derivatives such as CBD oil represent an alternative to alcoholic beverages or drugs used as anti-inflammatories, analgesics and relaxants.

The purchasing trends recorded by most companies in the sector confirm how the lockdown factor has deeply affected the sales of these products.

From March 2020 to March 2021, an increase in turnover of approximately 76% was calculated. This growth suggests a further expansion for the next two years.

These numbers give us hope, even if, as we know, politics are expected to have a rule that definitively regulates their use.

Following this step, we could witness a real revolution in this whole sector, which has already hundreds of companies involved and an employment impact with over ten thousand people who are part of it.

The different types of CBD and light hemp plants

There are many types of light cannabis on the market. The opportunity to buy the product online has increased the number of consumers who use this tool, encouraged by purchasing a guaranteed, safe, certified and controlled product.

The main commonly known hemp varieties are cannabis indica, cannabis Sativa, and cannabis ruderalis.

The Cannabis Indica is the best-known variety of cannabis, from India, with a high THC content that generates powerful psychoactive effects. However, it is good to specify that the light version will have a maximum value allowed by law.

This strain performs best in indoor growing.

In its country of origin, it is used for medical purposes, as a natural relaxant, cooking, and inhaling during ceremonies and meditations.

A type of cannabis widely used in the textile sector is Cannabis Sativa, since various garments can be created with its fibers.

Unlike cannabis indica, it has a low content of the active ingredient THC, as it produces from 1% to 5% and less than 0.5% in its Light version, and a high percentage of CBD.

It does not offer those psychotropic effects of the indica plant but promotes relaxation.

Besides, this type of hemp is ideal for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation.

Less known than those just mentioned is Cannabis Ruderalis, which is used and chosen to cultivate hybrids and crosses.

From the crosses between cannabis Sativa and cannabis indica, many hybrids are created, about forty types of cannabis more or less known.

Crossed with ruderalis, auto-flowering plants are born, predominantly female, with a fair amount of THC.

These three types have an essential characteristic: male or female plants.

Female Plant

Female cannabis generates resin-rich buds and retains the pollen produced by the male plant, after which it reduces resin production to start producing seeds.

When the seeds are ripe and fall to the ground, the female plant dies, but the seeds give birth to more plant sprouts.

The female plant contains the major active ingredients, such as THC and the psychotic substances and cannabidiol metabolites found in the resin.

Finally, female plants are recognized by the presence of whitish filaments.

Male plant

The male plant does not produce resin but pollen, spread by the wind when the sacs open when the plant is mature, before pollinating the female plants.

These plants are characterized by the greenish protuberances that have pollen inside them.

The best legal CBD products online

The cultivation of hybrids CBD cannabis, can create mixes that satisfy any customer, with a THC content of less than 0.2%, i.e., within the legal limit for the production and sale of hemp products, but with a high concentration of CBD. This cannabidiol can bring some physical benefits and is used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and relaxant.

Besides, CBD also helps sleep and fights anxiety and stress disorders.