Three arrests after horrific video of Dublin teenager being tortured by gang goes viral

Three arrests after horrific video of Dublin teenager being tortured by gang goes viral

A VIDEO of a teenager being tortured by an Irish gang which went viral last week has led to the arrests of three people in County Cavan.

The extremely distressing footage showed a cowering 19-year-old man stripped down to his underwear, repeatedly whipped and beaten with fists and an iron wrench, and verbally abused by a gang of people.

The video also makes reference to a severe sexual assault which had allegedly taken place before filming.

The teenager was seen bleeding heavily from a facial slash covering almost the complete right side of his face from his hairline to his chin, and, in a later video, holding a bloody towel and suffering from severe bruising on his face and eyes.

The perpetrators within the video make reference to the teenager being a 'rat' and 'snitching ' to Gardaí to avoid being charged for a possession of drugs. The man recording the video also claims that the teenager owes him €2,000 in drug debt.

The teenager was taken to hospital following the brutal attack and presented at a Garda station following his release.

Now three people have been arrested in connection with the horrific video.

According to The Independent, those arrested include a young woman and her twin brother as well as a 26-year-old man known to police for drug offenses, theft and knife possession.

They are being held on suspicion of false imprisonment, sexual assault and assault causing serious harm, among other offences.

A later video showed the perpetrator of the torture video being confronted and repeatedly punched for his abuse of the teenager, raising fears that the arrests could lead to further retribution and gangland violence.