Top 10 Irish towns with most pubs per person revealed

Top 10 Irish towns with most pubs per person revealed

WE like a drink in Ireland, it's no secret.

The pub has become such a staple of our society and culture that you can barley picture an Irish man or woman without a few dozen whiskey bottles on the wall behind them and a couple of damp coasters under their hand.

They aren't just places to get tanked up though. Step into most pubs around the Emerald Isle and you'll find a hive of music, laughter and a good story or two.

Pubs and Ireland are so intertwined that you're likely to find an Irish pub (or fifty) in pretty much every major city around the globe.

Such is our capacity to emigrate, make friends and drink!

But sticking at home for second, there are certain areas of Ireland where finding a pub is as easy spotting an American tourist (nobody says 'top of the mornin' here).

The Sunday World have compiled data showing the Irish towns with the most pubs per person.

This could include densely populated areas that are inundated with boozers, or isolated spots with their trusty couple of locals.

Either way, it makes for interesting reading. Pint glasses at the ready!

  1. Liscannor, Co. Clare
  2. Feakle, Co. Clare
  3. Lifford, Co. Donegal
  4. Waterville, Co. Kerry
  5. Doonbeg, Co. Clare
  6. Castlegregory, Co. Kerry
  7. Cong, Co. Mayo
  8. Knocktopher, Co. Kilkenny
  9. Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare
  10. Sneem, Co. Kerry

For what it's worth, Liscannor in Co. Clare tops the list with one pub or hotel for every 26 residents! Blimey.

Counties Clare and Kerry appear to dominate things here, we here at the Irish Post raise a glass to you guzzling booze-hounds.

And for anyone interested, Greystones in Co. Wicklow ranks lowest on the list, with a whopping 2,790 people per pub. No thanks.

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