Donald Trump launches Irish ‘Make America Great Again’ hat – with one huge mistake

Donald Trump launches Irish ‘Make America Great Again’ hat – with one huge mistake

DONALD Trump’s official team has launched a green 'Make America Great Again' baseball cap for St Patrick’s Day – but the US president and his team haven’t done their homework on Ireland.

The hats are available to buy online now after Team Trump announced the limited edition release on Twitter.

But Trump staff have made a vital mistake in the design of the caps by including a four leaf clover instead of a shamrock.

Sharp eyed observers pointed out that a shamrock has just three leaves and that the symbol included on Trump’s St Patrick’s Day headgear has nothing to do with Ireland.

If the gaff wasn’t already enough to put people off purchasing the then the eye-watering price tag of $50 (£40.80/€47.50) may well do the trick.

Taking to Twitter to announce the launch, Team Trump wrote: "Capture the luck of the Irish with this Make America Great Again Hat.  While supplies last!  Order by March 13th to ensure delivery by St. Patrick's Day."

The hats are embroidered with Donald Trump’s slogan 'Make America Great Again' on the front and the four leaf clover on the back.

Trump has been criticised for hypocrisy recently after it emerged that a number of ‘Make America Great Again’ hats were made in Asia despite the president’s “buy American and hire American” campaign message.

But Team Trump claim on their website that the St Patrick’s Day caps were “proudly made in USA”.

It remains to be seen whether Donald Trump will greet Enda Kenny wearing one of the hats when the Taoiseach visits the White House for St Patrick’s Day.

The release of the hats has ruffled a few feathers online after the announcement ahead of Ireland’s big day.

Replying to someone who declared that the hats would “Make Ireland Great Again”, one user wrote: “We’re grand as we are lad. Thanks”.

Another wrote: “Shamrock’s have three not four leaves. Tell the Chinese factory they messed up.”