Turkish restaurant offers 'free kebab' to Irish tourist attacked in Istanbul

Turkish restaurant offers 'free kebab' to Irish tourist attacked in Istanbul

A TURKISH kebab shop in London has taken pity on the Irish tourist who was attacked by an angry mob in Istanbul, by offering him a free kebab if he ever visits the capital.

Mangal 2 restaurant in Dalston tweeted its support for the holidaymaker, who took on the “cowardly” crowd of shopkeepers, to its 20,500 followers.

A video of the tourist singlehandedly taking on the mob was shared by a Turkish TV news channel on Tuesday, and went viral shortly afterwards.

Turkish media named the tourist as Mohammed Fadel Dobbous, a Kuwait-born Irish national, who has taken social media by storm.

In his first interview since the attack, Mr Dobbous said that locals had “messed with the wrong man”, the Independent reports.

Now wearing a sling, he said that during the fight he had broken his hand, injured his shoulder and received a knife wound to the back.

“I wasn’t drunk, I don’t drink,” he added. “When the water fell on the ground I went to apologise to the shop owners, but they attacked me with sticks.” 

The CCTV footage shows a man in a white t-shirt accidentally spilling several water bottles from the fridge of a convenience store in Istanbul.

An argument follows, and the angry shopkeeper then begins hitting the unarmed man with the help of a few other locals.

The tourist fights back, flooring one of his attackers with a single punch at one point.

Later it emerged that the Irish man is an experienced boxer.