Twins can enter Tayto Park for FREE this Saturday to celebrate International Twins Day

Twins can enter Tayto Park for FREE this Saturday to celebrate International Twins Day

THERE’S A Tayto Multipack joke in here somewhere…

It’s International Twins Day this Saturday, 3 August, and to celebrate, Tayto Park are offering free entry to all—you guessed it—twins!

The Patron Spud of Ireland, Mr Tayto himself, is inviting everyone who shared a womb into Ireland’s biggest theme park, absolutely free—this also applies to triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, basically everyone whose status ends in ‘plets’.

The best news for those grown-up twins who are still a big kid at heart is that there is no age restriction—whether you’re four or forty, eight or eighty, Mr Tayto will welcome you in with open, salt-and-vinegar-flavoured arms to experience everything the Park has to offer.

Really it's no wonder Tayto Park are celebrating twins. Because as we all know, Mr Tayto himself has a twin: Northern Ireland Mr. Tayto.


All you need to avail of the free offer is to be a twin (Duh), attend with your sibling and bring photo ID with proof of date of birth. Passports, driving licenses, even birth certificates with an extra photographic ID will all be accepted.

For those who haven’t been to Tayto Park before, you can expect a brilliant day out with a zoo, restaurants, shows and an awesome theme park which contains The Cú Chulainn Coaster, aka Europe’s biggest wooden rollercoaster.

You can find more information on Tayto Park's website here.

It’s set to be a great day out to celebrate International Twins Day, but there's one thing to watch out for— if old myths are to be believed, half the attendees will be evil.

Just something to keep in mind.