Two Celtic fans stabbed outside Irish pub by Lazio supporters in Rome

Two Celtic fans stabbed outside Irish pub by Lazio supporters in Rome

CELTIC fans were attacked on mass in Rome on Wednesday night as reports emerge that two of them were stabbed by Lazio supporters.

It's alleged that the attacks occurred outside an Irish pub called The Flann O'Brien.

Both fans suffered injuries that were reportedly 'not life threatening', though they're believed to have been taken to hospital.

Footage and photographs have emerged on social media of Celtic fans having to take shelter in The Flann O'Brien to get away from the Italian hooligans, who were seen throwing projectiles and smashing windows.

In the video posted above, staff of the pub can be seen closing the metal shutters of the pub as Lazio 'ultras' attempt to smash their way inside.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after the alleged stabbing and the pub was closed for around half an hour. An investigation is now underway.

Around 9,000 Celtic fans have traveled to Rome for the Europa League tie against Lazio later tonight.

Speaking to the Scottish Sun, a witness said: "The boy was sitting outside with his girlfriend and he was stabbed in the back of the leg.

"They came out of nowhere. He was doing nothing wrong. They were shouting 'Lazio' and had masks on their faces.

"There was a group of them, all their faces were covered with masks or scarves."

Some reports suggest that in fact one fan was stabbed twice, rather than two separate stabbing incidents, though details remain unclear at this stage.

Fans who made the trip to the Italian capital were warned by the foreign office to avoid wearing club colours, though many reportedly ignored that warning.

Some Lazio fans were filmed making fascist salutes when they visited Glasgow last month.

Violence broke out when the Celtic fans unfurled a banner featuring fascist leader Benito Mussolini hanging upside down, with the message 'follow your leader'.

Celtic were charged by UEFA for the banner amid fears it could provoke a reaction from the Lazio faithful. It appears those fears have been realised.