Tyson Fury calls out 'racist' pub after sharing clip of doorman saying all Travellers are banned

Tyson Fury calls out 'racist' pub after sharing clip of doorman saying all Travellers are banned

TYSON FURY has called out what he described as "totally unacceptable racism" after footage emerged of Travellers being turned away from a pub.

The video - reportedly filmed in Morecambe, Lancashire in the north-west of England - appears to show two Traveller men being refused entry by a doorman.

Fury took to twitter to express his, well ... fury ... at the footage.

"Racism in Lancaster 2020," the heavyweight boxer wrote. "How is this even possible in today's society?

"Totally unacceptable behaviour. Racism at work."

In the clip, one of the men can be heard asking the doorman why he and his elderly father-in-law aren't allowed to enter.

They're told that due to a recent unsavoury incidence at the pub, "the brewery has been instructed by the local authority not to administer Travellers."

"Have we been barred?" asks one of the Travellers.

"I've never come across you myself," the doorman responds.

The man recording stresses to the doorman that they weren't at the pub during the alleged incident and shouldn't be punished for something that doesn't concern them, before pressing the doorman further.

"Say for instance, a group of black people came in here and got barred, [are] all of blacks barred?" The man can be heard asking.

He continues: "If some Asians come in here and cause a problem, [are] all Asians barred then?"

The doorman responds: "I do appreciate what you're saying. Like you say you can't tarnish everyone with the same brush but unfortunately... they have gone through. I'm only acting on what I've been told."

In his defence, the doorman is extremely polite and is more than likely only carrying out the orders of the pub, the parent company and the local authority as he so claims.

But nevertheless, surely this kind of blatant over-generalisation cannot be allowed to happen, particularly at a time when so much is being done in the fight against treating people differently based on their origin or family.

Fury himself is of Irish Traveller descent, with family roots in Galway, Tipperary and Belfast.