U2 criticised over timing of their announcement of a first-ever concert in India

U2 criticised over timing of their announcement of a first-ever concert in India

U2 HAVE courted criticism over their decision to play a first-ever concert in India.

The Irish band took to Twitter to announce the gig, which is set to take place in Mumbai on Tuesday, September 17, 2019.

Irish rock band U2 announced its first-ever concert in India on September 17, on Twitter. The show is scheduled to take place in Mumbai on December 15, 2019.

The band wrote: “‘Bono, what are you doing on December 15th 2019?’ First-ever U2 show in India that’s what, as The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 heads to Mumbai. Pre-sales from next Tuesday, September 24.”

The tweet included a promotional video featuring the band jokingly claiming it is going to be the best night of their life.

Not everyone is quite so amused though.

U2 have been condemned online for the announcement and the decision to play a concert in India despite the ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan over the disputed region of Kashmir.

“Do you realise that 8 million people are under siege in Kashmir?” one Twitter follower wrote.

“Perhaps you should reconsider and register your protest given your claimed commitment to human rights?”

Another added: “Disappointing. I’m sure you all have seen what’s going on in the news with Kashmir right now. Expected more from you guys.”

“Rhe [sic] timing of it while India puts an entire region of Kashmir under curfew for 7 weeks leaves a bad taste,” a third said.

“Bono after all is not revered just for his status as an artist. He has stood out for more.”

Last month, India moved to revoke a constitutional provision giving the state of Jammu and Kashmir autonomy to set its own laws.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi later suggested revoking Kashmir's autonomous status was a move brought about to promote stability, reduce corruption and boost the economy.

Pakistan suspended diplomatic relations and bilateral trade with India in the wake of these developments.