UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock tests positive for coronavirus - minutes after Boris Johnson

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock tests positive for coronavirus - minutes after Boris Johnson

BRITISH HEALTH SECRETARY Matt Hancock has tested positive for coronavirus.

Mr Hancock tweeted: "Following medical advice, I was advised to test for #Coronavirus. I’ve tested positive. Thankfully my symptoms are mild and I’m working from home & self-isolating. Vital we follow the advice to protect our NHS & save lives."

The news comes just minutes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed that he'd tested positive after experiencing mild symptoms, and will be self-isolating in Downing Street.

Hancock himself reportedly developed symptoms late on Wednesday night and will now work from home as he too begins his self-isolation until next Thursday.

In a tweet, Mr Johnson stressed that he will continue to take charge of the government's efforts to fight the crisis, leading the response via video-conference in spite of his ailments.

However, in light of Mr Hancock's diagnosis, there are growing fears that other key Cabinet ministers and Downing Street staff may have been exposed.

In a video published to Twitter, Hancock added:

"I've been working from home over the last couple of days, because everyone who can work from home should work from home.

"Fortunately for me, [the] symptoms so far have been very mild, so I've been able to carry on with the work, driving forward the UK response.

"But also just to say a massive thank you to everybody in the NHS, working in social care and right across the board working in response.

"I thought the clap for the carers moment last night was unbelievable and so wonderful to see the whole country uniting in support for those who look after us.

"I'll be continuing to do everything I can to get our carers the support they need, but I'll be doing that from [home] but with no less gusto.

"And then from next Thursday, once I'm out of self-isiolation, and I hope with no more symptoms, then I'll be able to get back and get stuck in at the office where necessary, but the truth is that all of us can learn that working from home can be really really effective."