URGENT APPEAL: £10k offered for information on whereabouts of wanted man

URGENT APPEAL: £10k offered for information on whereabouts of wanted man

POLICE have issued an urgent appeal to locate a man wanted in connection with a series of violent burglaries.

Crimestoppers have offered £10k for information that helps officers locate 50-year-old Martin McDonagh, who is wanted in connection with a series of aggravated burglaries in Nottingham.

The incidents happened across Nottingham, where a man forced his way into a number of properties and stole valuables from elderly and vulnerable people.

In some of the offences, the victims were threatened with a knife.

They have been left ‘extremely distressed’ by the incidents, a spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Police said.

“We are continuing to carry out extensive lines of inquiry to locate this suspect,” the force’s Detective Chief Inspector Ruby Burrow said.

“We believe that McDonagh is lying low and is very aware we are searching for him.

“Remember that if he is staying with you, you are potentially assisting an offender which is also a serious offence,” she added.

Martin McDonagh is wanted by Nottinghamshire Police

“We are calling on those who are keeping him hidden or those who know where he is hiding to give us the address.

“If you also spot him in the area or have any information please do get in touch."

Nottinghamshire Police have warned the public not to approach McDonagh, but to contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101 or, if they wish to stay anonymous or to request a reward, contact Crimestoppers directly.

“McDonagh is wanted in connection with a series of extremely violent burglaries where some victims have been left traumatised,” Det Chf Insp Burrow said.

“These victims have been chosen due to their vulnerability and we will not stop until justice is served.”

She added: “We are extremely grateful that the charity Crimestoppers is offering a reward of up to £10,000 for anyone with information which leads to the arrest of McDonagh.

“Please help us take McDonagh off our streets.”

The police force is continuing to carry out “extensive lines of inquiry” to locate McDonagh, who has been known to frequent the Radford area of the city, they said.

Crimestoppers, which is independent of the police, is offering their reward for information that they exclusively receive that leads to McDonagh’s arrest.

The reward is available for three months.

“Amid rising concerns, our charity is backing the effort to catch this fugitive by offering a reward and reminding people that they have the option to use Crimestoppers and stay anonymous,” Crimestoppers CEO Mark Hallas said.

“We know that people can be reluctant to speak to law enforcement and give their details, especially when it involves dangerous criminals,” he added.

“Crimestoppers offers a safe alternative, guaranteeing complete anonymity. No police. No courts. No witness statements.

“If you know where McDonagh is located, please do the right thing and speak up. Crimestoppers is open 24/ 7, 365 days a year via our website and also on the phone. “Your information could make all the difference."