‘Vile’ text message threatening Irish DJ's wife and children sees station contact gardaí

‘Vile’ text message threatening Irish DJ's wife and children sees station contact gardaí

A DUBLIN DJ was forced to go off air after receiving a ‘disgusting’ text message threatening his wife and children.

Dublin Talks host Adrian Kennedy had to take a break after receiving the message, which he dubbed “the most disgusting, vile, obnoxious text I have ever received into this programme”.

Kennedy claimed on air that he would be forwarding the message to gardaí, while the station later confirmed they had been in contact with gardaí.

Kennedy was presenting Dublin Talks on 98FM on Wednesday with co-host Jeremy Dixon when he received the message.

After reading the text to himself, Kennedy said: “We will be forwarding your text message on to the gardaí because your text is the most vile text I've ever, ever received while doing a radio programme in Dublin. I'm shocked."

Dixon added: “Sometimes a text message come in that just stops you in your tracks and that text message… that person needs to be locked up.”

After Dixon read the message on air to show the ‘depraved mind’ of the sender, a clearly distraught Kennedy branded the sender a ‘sick b*****d’, before having to take a break.

The station made several unsuccessful attempts to call the phone used to send the text, before a second message arrived.

The apologetic sender claimed work colleagues had sent the message from the phone without his knowledge.

He repeated the claim when the station managed to get him on air, only for Dixon to say he sounded “like a rat that’s been caught in the headlights”.

Dixon added that if the caller’s story was true, they would speak to him off-air to pass on the details of the person who he claimed sent the message.

In a statement 98FM said: "We have been in contact with the Gardaí at Pearse Street.

"98FM management would like to point out that they take the safety of all their employees very seriously."

You can listen to the podcast on the Dublin Talks website here (warning: graphic content)