WATCH: Dublin sheep farmer goes viral after giving himself a haircut using a pair of shears

WATCH: Dublin sheep farmer goes viral after giving himself a haircut using a pair of shears

AN IRISH sheep farmer is the talk of the internet after shearing his own hair. 

Donie Anderson is the toast of Facebook after showcasing his impressive haircutting skills in a video posted to the social media platform. 

While lockdown has left many cursing the decision to book in with barbers, Donie has no such worries. 

Uploaded to Facebook alongside the caption “It’s a good day for it” the Dublin sheep farmer can be seen shearing off his lengthy locks with relative ease. 

"That's the last time that'll blow in the wind for a while,” he quips once the cut is complete. 


The clip has proven nothing short of a phenomenon, with Donnie’s impressive efforts already viewed more than 1.9 million times and shared by some 50,000 people. 

With hairdressers across Ireland and much of the world currently closed to help slow the spread of COVID-19, plenty have tried – and failed – to give themselves haircuts. 

Donie doesn’t have the same issue though. 

In fact, he normally cuts his hair with a pair of sheep shears a few times a year and now that time/money saving practice has finally paid off. 

Speaking to Breaking News, Donnie said: "I normally shear it at Christmas but there were bad colds around then and I was to be an extra in a local drama of The Field so I left it. 

"The weather was warm today so I cut it, using the phone screen as a mirror. It's normally a bit neater. 


"Sure the shears are as good as any and the hair will start to grow back in a few days anyway." 

Donie may be a dab hand when it comes to cutting his own hair with a pair of sheep sheers but anyone thinking of emulating the Dublin farmer is advised against doing so. 

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