WATCH: Enormous gator spotted in Florida has people convinced the dinosaurs are back

WATCH: Enormous gator spotted in Florida has people convinced the dinosaurs are back

NOTHING COULD surprise us at this point of the year, in fairness.

A video is currently going viral across social media which appears to show an absolutely enormous alligator-- and it has some people convinced dinosaurs are back.

The video, posted to Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and pretty much every other site you can think of, shows a monster gator in Naples, Florida during Hurricane Eta.

Meteorologist Matt Devitt posted images, originally captured by local man Jeff Jones, to Twitter, and the internet had a field day-- just 24 hours after the pictures were posted they have received 163,000 likes and more than 85,000 retweets.

In a caption alongside the images, Devitt wrote:

"HUGE FLORIDA GATOR! Yep, this monster is real.

"Caught on camera during Hurricane [Eta] in Naples."

The post caught the attention of thousands of people who were convinced-- jokingly or otherwise-- that the huge reptile was in fact a dinosaur, with comedian Lily Singh writing, "Um. This is a T-Rex sir."

"Welcome to Florida, also known as Jurassic Park," Youtuber Zwe wrote.

In fact, out of the tens of thousands of Quote-retweets, most of them made some reference to dinosaurs-- while the rest of them were along the lines of asking what on earth was happening in Florida.

The huge gator is believed to span 10 feet in length, and was spotted strolling nonchalantly around a golf course-- but thankfully, due to the storm there weren't many golfers around.

A video of the reptile was also posted to Youtube by NBC2 News, who credited Tyle Stolting for the clip, and for anyone cynical that the images were real, well, the video provides fairly solid evidence.