White House illuminated green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and 'rich bond' between US and Ireland

White House illuminated green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and 'rich bond' between US and Ireland

THE WHITE House was turned a bright shade of green in celebration of St Patrick’s Day. 

It came as part of US President Joe Biden’s celebrations of Ireland’s patron saint. 

While the Taoiseach wasn’t able to embark on his annual trip to Washington for the customary shamrock bowl exchange, there was a distinctly Irish feel to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. 

It began earlier in the day on March 17, when the foundations on the North and South Lawns of the White House ran with bright green water. 

A relatively new St Patrick’s Day tradition among US Presidents, the practice actually began with Barack Obama back in 2012. 

Donald Trump, may not have seen eye-to-eye with his predecessor, but he was nevertheless happy to condition with the tradition during his two terms in office. 

A proud Irish-American, it was hardly a surprise to see President Biden keeping the tradition alive. 

The official White House Twitter account even shared a time-lapse video of the green-tinged transformation, with the waters running that distinctive shade throughout the day. 

Biden’s inauguration was a significant one for Ireland with the Democrat becoming the first Irish Catholic president since the great John F Kennedy back in the 1960s. 

The sight of the entire White House lit the colours of Ireland was a symbolic and significant one, coming at the end of a day in which Biden enjoyed a first virtual meeting with Micheál Martin. 

"Tonight, the White House was illuminated green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the rich bond between the United States and Ireland," the White House tweeted.

With both leaders promising close collaboration in the years to follow, starting with their fight against Covid-19, this could yet prove to be one of the most significant St Patrick’s Days in living memory.