Woman reacts to stunning whale breach off West Cork coast in most Irish way possible

Woman reacts to stunning whale breach off West Cork coast in most Irish way possible

A GROUP of sightseers were left in fits of laughter after a woman travelling among their party reacted in hilarious fashion to the sight of a whale breaching.

The tourists, who were travelling just off the coast of West Cork at the time, were treated to a spectacular scene when the humpback whale emerged from the waters.

However, it was one passenger’s typically Irish reaction that provided the main highlight.

Evidently bowled over by what they were witnessing, the woman couldn’t control herself, blurting out hilarious "Oh Jesus God Almight" at the sight of the whale.

The reaction prompted raucous laughter among those onboard and was hardly a surprise given the spectacular sight before them.


Filmed during a memorable day out with Atlantic Whale and Wildlife Tours, a video captured the moment the woman let rip.

It also served up the perfect view of the aforementioned whale in action.

That combination of comedy and natural beauty made for quite the spectacle, with the unnamed woman’s reaction summing up the sentiments of many.

The footage, captured by Eamon Ryan, was shared on the Atlantic Whale and Wildlife Tours Instagram page.

“I think the reaction of the lady on board with us today when this humpback whale breached says it all really,” they said alongside the clip.


“Turn up the volume!

“Courtmacsherry bay keeps on giving. No further commentary needed.”

Fin and humpback whales are a regular feature off the coast of Cork, while dolphins are also spotted from time to time in the beautiful blue waters.