WATCH: Rescued donkeys sprint for joy as they are brought out to pasture for first time this year
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WATCH: Rescued donkeys sprint for joy as they are brought out to pasture for first time this year

A HERD of sanctuary donkeys have finally gone out to pasture after a long, cold winter-- and their reaction is the best thing you'll see all day.

Like all of us, the rescued donkeys in The Donkey Sanctuary were cooped up all winter, keeping warm in barns and concrete paddocks, just waiting for the freedom the spring and sunshine would bring.

And while us humans are still waiting for shops and the hospitality sector to return, the sanctuary donkeys have regained their freedom-- and they are cele-bray-ting!

The Donkey Sanctuary in Liscarroll, County Cork, care for hundreds of abandoned, abused or neglected donkeys, with many residing on their open farm which is due to welcome back visitors soon.

Earlier this week, staff at the sanctuary gave their thousands of followers an absolute treat, as they posted a video of their beautiful donkeys going out to graze on a warm, sunny day-- for the first time in months.

Taking to Facebook, a volunteer wrote:

"On a sunny day last week, the young donkeys from Big Barn on the Open Farm returned with great excitement to their paddocks to run around and play."

The video shows dozens of donkeys running through the lush green field, bouncing off each ther and braying loudly to show their joy at being let loose once again.

The heartwarming moment drew thousands of likes and comments from people overjoyed to see the gentle creatures enjoying themselves, with one woman, Debbie Maher, saying: "That has put the biggest smile on my face!

"So happy and fun for them to have each other. What a lovely paddock, no wonder they are so happy!"

Elizabeth Harwood Cullen added, "That is one of the most uplifting and fantastic videos ever!" while Anita Gallagher wrote: "What a beautiful sight to see so many donkeys [being] so well cared for by wonderful people."

Not all sanctuaries have to involve exotic or wild animals for it to be a great day out, and the Donkey Sanctuary in Liscarroll, County Cork, is the proof of this.

Home to once-neglected or abandoned donkeys, the calm and gentle creatures are clearly content and happy-- as can be seen in the video-- and are extremely friendly towards visitors.

You can keep up to date with The Donkey Sanctuary's work, and plan your trip for when they reopen, on their Facebook page.