Bohs make global news with football’s first ever Climate Justice Officer

Bohs make global news with football’s first ever Climate Justice Officer

THE BOHS are going global ... again.

Bohemian Football Club are no strangers to some worldwide attention.

In the past, they made headlines the world over for their incredible Bob Marley-inspired jersey, and they are gathering attention once again.

The League of Ireland side have had a disappointing start to the season, but their work off the pitch is, as always, commendable.

This time, it's for their hiring of Seán McCabe - football's first Climate Justice Officer.

The Phibsborough local is responsible for ensuring that the action taken by Bohs to tackle climate change "is good for people as well as the planet."

He said: "It is very exciting to see Bohs seeking to play a leadership role in tackling climate change.

"But the club’s ambitions go deeper than this, to having a positive impact on the community through climate action. I am looking forward to exploring how we can put the fans and the communities around Dalymount at the heart of building a better future for our children and grandchildren."

Speaking to CNN, who did a full profile on the Dublin man, he compared the climate emergency to Covid, but in a concerning way.

He said: "It's already occurring. You can't trick the laws of thermodynamics. There is no vaccine for the climate crisis."

They'll be hoping that this fame and attention doesn't distract them from what is certainly one of the biggest games of the season tonight against their fierce rivals Shamrock Rovers.