Boss Coggins hails London’s character

Boss Coggins hails London’s character

“WE'RE delighted to get a result,” was Paul Coggins assessment following London’s Allianz Football League Division Four draw with Waterford.

“It showed character in our guys, they didn't let their heads down. Obviously getting the goals in the first half should have given us the momentum; we're very happy that we got a result.

“In the second half, I thought Waterford played very well and we have to give them credit for that.  Our guys were doing their best, but they just kept the ball well.

“It's great to score five goals and we created them well - they were all good goals. We really showed some great forward play, which we haven't been showing in the past as much, which shows the work that's been done on the training pitch with the forwards.’

Speaking about Lorcan Mulvey's contribution, Coggins said:He was suffering at half-time with a hamstring. It was a very touch and go decision. Fair play, we kept with him and fair play to the big man, he did what he's good at.  Goals usually win games, but on this occasion it wasn't the case.’

Coggins added that he felt “positive” his side can put in a “real good performance” for London’s final league match away to Wicklow on Sunday - acknowledging that two enforced absences next weekend - in Stephen Curran and Philip Galvin - would be felt.

“There is nothing we can do about it. They're very experienced players for us but look, it will give someone else a chance.’

Coggins was encouraged that London ended their losing streak in the League. “I'm just happy that we at least got a result. It would have been very disheartening to not get something out of that, we made very hard weather of it.

“But give Waterford credit - there's always two teams. They played really well.  We don’t like conceding that amount of scores there, but that's something now we'll have to work on. I suppose we were probably a bit more attack minded and it showed in every way - both defensively and attack-wise. I suppose you've got to make a decision and really go for something and we did.”

Asked if the game was London’s best league performance this term Coggins replied.  “Depending on how you look at it. I thought against Offaly and Carlow we played very well, but in a different kind of way. It was the best attacking performance for a long, long time.

I can’t say it was the best because we didn’t play as well in the second half, but it was a good enough performance.”