Boxing legend Ricky Hatton to captain inaugural Fight Night at The Box Off in September

Boxing legend Ricky Hatton to captain inaugural Fight Night at The Box Off in September

British boxing legend Ricky Hatton, showbiz icon Tom Skinner, and rap star Jaykae have been confirmed as team captains for the inaugural fight night of the innovative new boxing promotion, The Box Off.

The event will see four city-based teams from Manchester, London, Birmingham, and Leeds compete head-to-head in an exciting knockout competition, showcasing some of the country's best up-and-coming boxing talent.

The knockout competition format will pit fighters from different cities against each other, with the semi-finals determining which fighters progress to the final. The first event will take place on September 16th at the Telford International Centre, promising to be a groundbreaking spectacle that could change the face of boxing in the UK.

The teams will be matched in two semi-finals, deciding which individual fighters will go through to the final. The format will see fighters from London and Birmingham face off in one half of the draw, with fighters from Leeds taking on Manchester in the other.

Each team captain's role extends beyond simply leading their respective teams; they are expected to bring entertainment value and appeal to the promotion, making the event engaging for audiences and boxing enthusiasts alike. With stars like Ricky Hatton, Tom Skinner, and Jaykae at the helm, The Box Off aims to create a platform for talented boxers to shine and ultimately elevate the sport to new heights.

Ricky Hatton, a three-time former world champion, will lead Manchester's team, aptly named 'The Revolution.' Hatton expressed his enthusiasm for the competition and his desire to support young fighters in building their profiles and seizing opportunities. Having come from humble beginnings as a carpet fitter.

“I want to support boxing and opportunities for up and coming fighters to build their profile and get further opportunities. Obviously I am fiercely proud to be from Manchester, so when I heard that the city was going against Birmingham, London and Leeds on the boxing front it already got my competitive edge going. I love Manchester and will not let the city’s name not be associated with a loss.

“Ideas like this give people another chance at their big break and I love that thought. I was a carpet fitter to pay for my petrol and travel to training and events, and that kind of background makes you hungry as a fighter.

“I was offered the role of Manchester Team captain and was delighted to take it – I get a lot of pleasure from doing anything I can to pass on my knowledge and experience to others.

Obviously this is a new competition, but the format sounds great and I am looking forward to seeing how it can give a platform to boxers and further enhance the sport as a whole.”

The Box Off's Managing Director, Razi Hassan, expressed his excitement at having such iconic British boxing names involved in the promotion, emphasising that Ricky Hatton's inclusion is a significant achievement for the organization.

“We are extremely excited to announce our four Team Captains. With an iconic British boxing name such as Ricky, this is a big coup for us. The additions of Tom Skinner and Jaykae are fantastic, as they exemplify our aim to bring our product to audiences wider than die-hard boxing fans. We are looking forward to announcing our fourth and final team captain in due course.”

The Box Off’s first event will take place in Telford at the Telford International Centre on Saturday 16th September. Tickets can be purchased here