Burns claims another All-Ireland football championship change in 2025 is likely

Burns claims another All-Ireland football championship change in 2025 is likely

GAA president Jarlath Burns has indicated that another revamp of the All-Ireland football championship is likely to happen in 2025 because of the lack of jeopardy

The modern-day All-Ireland group stage required 24 matches to eliminate only four teams—Westmeath, Cavan, Clare, and Meath—from the competition for the Sam Maguire. All of these teams are seen as minnows in the sport and are now out, while the likes of Dublin, Mayo, Tyrone, Derry, Kerry, Cork, Monaghan, Louth, Roscommon, and Galway have all been paired in the All-Ireland SFC preliminary quarter-finals today.

Burns acknowledges that there is a lack of "jeopardy" and that action is being considered.

"That is the format of this championship," said Burns about the round-robin stage, speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland today.

"We’re doing consultations at the moment with the provinces. Last week we were in Leinster and Munster; this week we’re in Ulster and Connacht. We will then discuss it at our next Ard Chomhairle (Central Council) meeting.

"One of the themes coming through really is the lack of jeopardy. I share this view.

"The league is there as a development competition; it’s seven games, and it allows teams to make incremental developments and improvements."

Burns also referenced the likes of Derry and Louth as examples of teams that can make improvements by using the Allianz Football League. However, once again, he believes that the championship should become less predictable and more unbalanced.

"Louth is a great example of that, even Derry going from Division 4 to Division 1, Westmeath. There are plenty of counties that have done that; Laois is another one.

"The championship should have jeopardy; it should be more of a blunt instrument. The clue is in the title of the competition; the championship is there to get champions.

"While we have great competition within that now, which is the Tailteann Cup, I just think that one of the major themes that are emerging from this is that there should be a lot more jeopardy; there should be more winning, more losing, more disappointments, and more triumphs. I think that’s what next year’s championship will look more like.

"I would imagine that next year there is going to be change."

All-Ireland SFC preliminary quarter-final draw: games played this weekend, June 22–23.
Mayo v Derry
Louth v Cork
Tyrone v Roscommon
Galway v Monaghan