Cavanagh becomes latest to voice concern about Leinster Championship

Cavanagh becomes latest to voice concern about Leinster Championship

Former Tyrone footballer Sean Cavanagh has become the latest GAA personality to take issue with the Leinster Senior Football Championship.

Last weekend, Dublin beat Meath 3-19 to 0-12, and they are now on course for their 14th Leinster crown and their 18th in the 19th season. The Dubs are odds-on to win it again, and for many, they are tired of seeing the Dubs win it again.

Cavanagh has taken issue with Meath's challenge to Dublin last Sunday and the lack of competition in the provincial championship.

"Meath showed no belief; you never felt like Meath were ever in the game," he said. "I know you might say Meath were competitive for 40 minutes; no, they weren't. Well, I didn’t feel they were; I thought they were gone after 15.

"It almost feels as if it’s getting worse. It’s pitiful for the Leinster Championship at this stage; there’s no competitiveness; you almost start to ask, What’s the point?"

Cavanagh also believes that Offaly, who play Dublin on April 28, have no chance, and something has to change.

"Offaly had a great win last night, but they go on to play Dublin now, and you feel sorry for them because no one has a chance."

Cavanagh's comments come directly after Meath manager Colm O'Rourke also expressed some of the same views.

“The Leinster Championship is a shambles, but that’s not Dublin’s fault,” said O’Rourke.

“I suppose it’s the fault of teams like Meath who haven’t been competitive for a long, long time."

O'Rourke also believes that the Leinster Championship should come before the Allianz Football League to help the unsatisfactory format.

“To me, anyway, the obvious thing is that the Leinster Championship should be played before the League."

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that teams in the league are waiting, waiting, waiting and don’t know what competition they are going to be playing in or when they will be playing.

“If the provincial championships were over, everyone would know exactly before they start the league, particularly those teams in the second and third divisions, what they had to do to ensure they play in the Sam Maguire.

“It’s very unsatisfactory, the present system.”

Dublin's game against Offaly will take place in Croke Park on Sunday. It will throw in at 4pm.