Dessie Farrell remains coy on Dublin departures

Dessie Farrell remains coy on Dublin departures

Dessie Farrell has declined to comment on speculations regarding the potential absence of several of Dublin's senior players for the 2023/2024 GAA Senior Football League and Championship.

Dublin clinched their first All-Ireland title since 2020 by defeating Kerry 1-15 to 1-13 in July. However, some of the older stars on the team have yet to reveal their plans for the future.

Players such as James McCarthy, Stephen Cluxton, and Michael Fitzsimons are all in the latter stages of their careers, making it understandable if they decide to retire.

Farrell, who himself has been linked with a departure from his role, was asked by the Irish Mirror for his thoughts on the matter. He responded resolutely, saying, "Everyone would love to see them return. They have made exceptional contributions to Dublin football for over a decade, and it will be a solemn day for the city when they eventually decide to retire. We will provide them with the time they need to make their decisions."

When questioned about his own future with Dublin, the Dublin manager stated that there was no specific timeline established for himself or any of the players regarding their potential continuation or departure.

"We haven't initiated discussions on this matter yet. We will allow everyone to reflect during this period, taking into account their commitments to club championships. In a few weeks, we will commence discussions. There is no fixed timeframe, but we must respect the players' need for time to make this significant decision."

Throughout the year, Farrell faced criticism from fans and the media due to Dublin's lackluster performances. However, he managed to turn things around and secure another Sam Maguire with Dublin.

When asked about his feelings regarding the criticism he received, Farrell claimed he paid no attention to it.

"I don't engage with it. What has always been most important to me is how the players were feeling and their experience playing for Dublin over the past couple of years. We aimed to make it as fruitful, productive, and enjoyable as possible, and that was our primary focus. We had a strong team culture; everyone remained dedicated and worked diligently. I am simply delighted that this season, the players received the recognition they deserve."