Fogarty hoping to avoid scenes in 2022 Twickenham win

Fogarty hoping to avoid scenes in 2022 Twickenham win

Irish scrum coach John Fogarty has admitted he would not like to see Ireland perform the way they did in the 32-15 loss during their last Six Nations visit to Twickenham in 2022.

Ireland and England battled it out, and the game swung Ireland's way when England's Charlie Ewels received a red card for a head clash with Ireland's James Ryan.

James Lowe scored a try in the sixth minute, and it was assumed at the time that Ireland, who were starting to purr under Farrell, would go on to win quite comfortably.

However, that wasn't the case, and England dominated the setpiece and scrum in the contest. They remained dogged in the contest. England drew level from Marcus Smith's kicks before Ireland pulled away.

The sides will meet again this evening, with Ireland looking to win their second Grand Slam in two years.

Fogarty described the scenes in 2022 as "chaotic."

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“There was a lot of chaos on the field that day, you know? Coming onto the field, we were rattled. I guess we were trying to figure out what we needed to do to stem the flow a little bit, but it was an unbelievably frustrating day.

"But you go away and take so much from it around the space at the front, the pictures we're showing, around not giving them momentum in the very earliest part of the scrum, because they'll move around you."

Adding further on what happened to Ireland, the 46-year-old gave his opinion on what happened.

“For us, our front row was detached,” he explained. “I think [England] were trying to be dominant; I'm not going to call them an illegal scrummaging side. There's a rich history of scrummaging in England; we need to deal with the front better.”

Fogarty is now keen to not see the scenes where England dominated the scrum again in their upcoming battle.

"I would hope not to replicate what happened last time around," Fogarty said.

"I don't want to think about having to deal with that again. This team is a good side.

"We can score some points and all that, but we want to improve every week, and we want to put a better version of ourselves on the field than in the previous games.

"But I’m not letting that get into my mind."

Ireland vs. England kicks off at 4:45. The game will be broadcast live on ITV (UK) and RTÉ (ROI).