Graeme McDowell details the abuse he's received for making the swap to LIV Golf

Graeme McDowell details the abuse he's received for making the swap to LIV Golf

LIV GOLF  REBEL GRAEME MCDOWELL has given an insight into the abuse he has recieved for making the controversial switch to the new Saudi-funded golf tour. 

McDowell has become heavily criticised for jumping ship from the traditional PGA Tour and the DP World Tour.   

As of now the 42-year-old has been banned from this week's Genesis Scottish Open and two other events by the DP World Tour.   

Speaking at the JP McManus Pro-Am on Monday, McDowell told RTE Radio about the 'vitriolic attacks' he has received on social media.  

The Northern Irishman mentioned that he regrets even speaking about his decision to join the new Saudi backed format.   

'I expected negativity, I expected consequences, but you know this level of how vitriolic the attacks have been, pretty scary really', he said.   

"I can't jump on my social media without someone telling me to go die every day, which is pretty interesting.  

"At the end of the day I'm a pro golfer who has made a business decision based on money.  

"I've never thought about where money comes from in 20 years out here, I played in all parts of the world from China to the Middle East to South Africa.  


Despite receiving so much flak for his stance and has called out the hypocrisy in people calling out golfers talking Saudi money when other sports stars do the same.   

"Listen, I've never hyper-analysed the morals and the ethics behind those dollar bills that I've made in my career and this opportunity has come with a huge negative spotlight over the Saudi regime.  

"Does that mean every person in Saudi Arabia is a bad person?  

"The LIV Golf people are just trying to run a golf tour, and it's a very good one, and it has attracted some of the best players in the world.  

"I've acknowledged the things that have happened in Saudi Arabia, I have acknowledged their history and what the regime are responsible for.  

"You have to put that to one side and realise that's over there, this is professional golf over here and we're not the only sport making money playing their sport in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, we've spent lots and lots of time out there in the European Tour.  

"They've been in the golf eco-system since 2019. The European Tour brought these guys to the table, I won a tournament there in 2020.  

"When that million dollars landed in my bank account, no-one told me on my Twitter account to go die.  

"This is such a competitive threat, the narrative has been built around the fact these guys shouldn't be around golf, sport - sportwashing and all of the above.  

The Scottish Open starts this week Jul 7–10, 2022.