Ireland reacts as lad in Kerry jersey spotted celebrating Italy goal at Euros semi-finals

Ireland reacts as lad in Kerry jersey spotted celebrating Italy goal at Euros semi-finals

IT'S OFFICIAL-- you can't go anywhere without meeting a lad in a GAA top.

It's happened to everyone: whether you're on holidays in Spain, or living in Australia, or on a work trip to Hong Kong, you are going to see a sunburned man with a 'big Irish head on him' and wearing his county colours.

In fairness, the red-and-green of County Mayo is the usual culprit for this (those lads are just everywhere), but yesterday some eagle-eyed fans spotted the yellow-and-green of a Kerry jersey in among the sea of blue of Italy supporters-- and the reaction online was just about as expected.

"There's always one lunatic in a Kerry jersey," one person wrote, sharing the now-viral image of the Kerry supporter celebrating with thousands of Italy fans, while another wrote "There's always a Kerry jersey. You could be on the moon and you'd meet someone with a Kerry jersey on them."

Betting agency Paddy Powers said it was "great to see this match adhering to the rule that every sporting event must have at least one lad in a Kerry jersey in attendance."

CNN reporter Donie O'Sullivan, himself a Kerry native, joked "There's always a guy with a Kerry jersey!" adding "Ciarraí Abú!", 'Up Kerry!'.

Even the official Kerry GAA Twitter account got involved, joking "It is almost a requirement at this stage to have at least one Kerry GAA jersey at all big events!"

And as one person pointed out: "Well for once it's not a flippin Mayo jersey!"

But there was a twist-- despite the screenshot making the rounds on social media showing only one Kerry jersey, a second image which began circulating later on showed that there was not one, but two Kerry jerseys in the frame.

And because everyone in Ireland knows everyone in Ireland, it took mere minutes for both men to be identified as twin brothers originally from a small village in north County Kerry, near the Limerick-Kerry border.

And the Dublin Airport Twitter account, known for sarky replies and good humour, wrote "Ah those lads; sure of course they're Italian. Their grandparents ran a fabulous chippy in Tralee for many years!"


You know what they say, it's not a major sporting event unless there's a lad in a GAA top there.