Ireland's potential Nations League groups, including details and all the information you need

Ireland's potential Nations League groups, including details and all the information you need

THE BOYS in Green and Stephen Kenny will learn who they will face in the UEFA Nations League in 2022 this Thursday. 

Stephen Kenny has stated previously that the Nations League will be a great chance for his side to reach Euro 2024

News has started to surface that Kenny is set to get a new contract until the end of Euro 2024. There are still challenges in their upcoming campaign in League B.

Ireland benefited from a kind draw, despite their position as third seeds in the pot.

The draw could be kind to Ireland even though the Irish are positioned as third seeds in the pot.

League B rivals?

The upcoming UEFA Nations League draw on Thursday will see Ireland in League B. There are still several teams who Ireland may not wan

16 teams in League B are Ireland, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Scotland, Israel, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Sweden, and Russia. 

Ireland are down as third-seeds, while the other teams have been filtered into four seeded spots. 

Pot 1: Ukraine, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland.

Pot 2: Finland, Norway, Scotland, Russia.

Pot 3: Israel, Romania, Serbia, Ireland.

Pot 4: Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania and Armenia.

Best and worst-case draws for Ireland.

In pot 1 Ireland could for the first time in forever get a favorable draw. Ties against Bosnia & Herzegovina or Iceland are sides that Stephen Kenny's could overcome. 

The teams to avoid are the likes of Ukraine or Sweden as both have stronger European pedigree

From Pot 2, Finland could be a nice draw given the strength of the other sides in the seeding.

Scotland, Norway, Russia, and Croatia all the way in their World Cup qualifying group, losing out by a single point.

Finland and Ireland have recent history in the last Nations League campaign. Ireland lost out, but Ireland should have enough.

No side can play Ireland in Pot 3, leaving Israel, Romania and Serbia in pot 4 left.

Armenia would be the most favorable pick from that group, 

Of the other three teams in pot 4, Albania Montenegro or Slovenia are the stronger sides

Best case for Ireland: Bosnia & Herzegovina/Iceland, Finland, Ireland, Armenia.

Worst case for Ireland: Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, Albania.

Luxembourg , Luxembourg - 14 November 2021; Shane Duffy of Republic of Ireland celebrates in Luxembourg. (Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

When is the Nations League draw and what time is it?

The UEFA Nations League draw will take place on Thursday evening, December 16th, from Nyon. The draw will begin at 5pm.

Where can I watch the Nations League draw?

The UEFA Nations League draw will be available to view on the UEFA website, via the link here.

When does the Nations League start?

The UEFA Nations League will begin in June 2022, with qualifiers to determine the make-up of League C and D to take place in March in a play-off round.

The full dates for the competition can be viewed below