‘Irishman without rules’ Lafferty is ‘unmanageable’ and ‘a womaniser’

‘Irishman without rules’ Lafferty is ‘unmanageable’ and ‘a womaniser’

NORWICH CITY target Kyle Lafferty is “an Irishman without rules” and a “womaniser” according to his former club chairman.

Palermo Maurizo chairman Zamparini said: “Why was Lafferty sold? It was requested by my coach who asked me to send him away. He is a womaniser – he disappears for a week, takes a plane to go hunt for women in Milan.

"His behaviour is unmanageable. I asked Iachini to straighten him out but he told me can’t. Kyle’s an Irishman without rules.”

Despite the less than gushing character reference, Zamparini did pay tribute to the Northern Ireland international and former Rangers man’s commitment on the field: “He never trains, he’s completely off the rails. On the field, he’s a great player because he’s given us everything he had and more.”

Earlier this week Lafferty confirmed his exit from the Italian team, saying that he was "sorry" to be leaving the club.

Laffterty, 26, scored 31 goals in 104 appearances for Rangers from 2008-12. He hit the net 11 times for Palermo in the 34 games he has played in for the club since he joined in 2013.