Jake Paul's sparring partner feels Tommy Fury avoided family embarrassment by dodging Jake Paul

Jake Paul's sparring partner feels Tommy Fury avoided family embarrassment by dodging Jake Paul

JAKE PAUL'S sparring partner Jake Bostwick has said that the injury that Tommy Fury suffered before his eagerly anticipated fight with the YouTuber was a blessing in disguise as it would have let embarrassed his family.

Fury was supposed to box Jake Paul on December 18 in the main event of a Showtime boxing pay-per-view. Yet, recently it was revealed the Englishman was forced out of the bout due to an injury including a broken rib, which his father John says happened due to an idiot in the gym.

"But owing to a complete idiot in the gym, I punched him in the ribs. A man of 16 or 17 stone with his bare-knuckle, punched him in the ribs and broke his ribs”, said John Fury on Behind The Gloves (via Mirror)

But Bostwick had his own say on the incident stating that he would have embarrassed his family.

“I’m sorry but no-one this close to the fight should be hitting you hard enough to fracture your ribs, and if they are you should at least be intelligently defending yourself,” he says. “You’ve got the biggest fight coming up, your biggest payday. So it makes you think maybe he didn’t want the fight.

“Maybe Tommy was getting nervous, there was a lot riding on this fight, he’s got the Fury name to carry. If he loses he’s a family embarrassment, they would absolutely do their nut in. If he lost to Jake Paul imagine the memes in the aftermath if he got knocked out. His family would have been pissed.”

He does however want to see the fight happen;

“We don’t really know the extent of his injury but if he is injured, I feel Tommy deserves another chance because everyone wants to see that fight. It would have given Jake a chance to showcase his skills against the brother of the heavyweight champion of the world, but you can’t be pulling out again, that’s crazy. I feel he’ll probably get a second chance but if he messes it up again it’ll be done.”

Paul is now going ahead with a Tyron Woodley rematch this weekend at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. The former UFC welterweight champion lost their first bout on the scorecards as Paul earned a split decision victory.

Pedro Diaz Tyron Woodley's coach feels that the UFC fighter will have to come out more aggressive if he wants to overcome the Youtuber

"The first fight was a very close fight and I think this time Woodley has to be more aggressive. Paul is more of a boxer and Woodley is a warrior. Tyron’s going to have to go after the victory. We saw in the first fight that Woodley had great moments but he has to be prepared to be more determined and work more and apply pressure in the mid-to-short distances, said Diaz.

The last time he spent too much time at mid-to-long distance and out of range. This time he needs to put more pressure on medium-to-short-distance. It’s about two champions going for victory, anything can happen.”

The full interview with both fighters trainers can be found fromn  usblog.betway