Loss of Galway captain will not affect London's game plan, says Coggins

Loss of Galway captain will not affect London's game plan, says Coggins

LONDON manager Paul Coggins has insisted that injury to Galway captain Paul Conroy will not affect his sides game plan ahead of Sunday’s Senior Football Championship clash at Ruislip.

Conroy has been confirmed as a “definite absentee” after the St James’ man had sustained a fractured metatarsal.

Despite his absence, Coggins told The Irish Post that he believes the loss of Galway's key man will have no real bearing on the hosts, who are directing their focus to their own game.

“I don’t see any heat on it at all, what we do or don’t do at this point, it’s just concentrating fully on our own lads,” Coggins said.

“I’m sure if that’s the case Galway will have another player of high quality to come in, so I don’t think it makes a huge importance at all.”

He also confirmed that there are no fresh injury concerns for London with key players Lorcan Mulvey (hamstring), Shane Mulligan (ankle) and Greg Crowley (hamstring) already ruled out of the clash.


Coggins added that the team have enjoyed good training sessions in the build-up to Sunday’s highly anticipated fixture and that along with his players, he is relishing the challenge against the visitors.

“Everybody’s feeling fine and in good form. All the work has been done. It’s just about picking the team on Friday night, if we can’t we’ll leave it to Sunday”, he added.

“The mood is very good and we know we’ve a job to do, and we’re looking forward to the huge challenge ahead. It’s going to be very tough but we aim to be very tough with it.

“We had a good training session last night and aiming to do the best we can do. Hopefully, we can give a huge performance on the day for the people of London.”