Paul McGinley believes LIV are the bigger winners in the PGA-LIV merger

Paul McGinley believes LIV are the bigger winners in the PGA-LIV merger

Former Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley believes that LIV Golf has emerged as the biggest winner from this week's LIV-PGA merger.

It was announced on Monday that, after months of infighting between the traditional PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and the Saudi-backed LIV Golf venture, the rival tours agreed to merge.

McIlroy, who became the de facto spokesperson for the PGA and DP World Tour, made an announcement this week stating that the controversial deal could be "good for the game," but also expressed his dislike for LIV as an entity.

There have also been calls for PGA commissioner Jay Monahan to resign after backtracking on promises made to players on the traditional tours. McGinley believes that it won't be easy for Monahan to regain the trust of players who declined the Saudi offer.

"He's obviously in a very tricky position," former Ryder Cup captain McGinley told Sky Sports News. "He has his players backing him, he's been very strong against LIV, he's been very committed to building up the PGA Tour.

"Many players have not joined LIV due to his influence, and now suddenly a deal is done and these players seem isolated. That's the issue I have with the statement that was released a couple of days ago."

Despite players on both sides aiming to maintain cordiality and respect following the new deal, McGinley does not believe that players on the PGA and DP side are "winners" in the new agreement.

"When a deal is made in the City, both sides ensure that they are winners. However, when this was announced, it didn't seem like there were two winning sides," added the golfer. "It may appear that the LIV players who went over and took the money are now coming back and emerging as the winners.

"They have been very enthusiastic on social media and seem to be the smartest individuals in the room now because they went over, which isolates the PGA Tour players who remained loyal. I think that's where Jay faces a disconnect and a real problem.

"The statement conveyed the impression that there were winners and losers, and the PGA Tour players seemed to be on the losing side. That's why there is so much discontent among them at the moment."