Player Profile - Andrew Moran - the young man at Brighton wanted by England's elite

Player Profile - Andrew Moran - the young man at Brighton wanted by England's elite

ANDREW MORAN might be the most exciting young Irish footballer out there.

There are any number of young Irish footballers who you have every right to get excited about at the minute.

Some really talented young men who are well on their way to becoming football players at the top level.

But not many of them are linked with the best football clubs in the world. Andrew Moran is though.

The 17-year-old is currently being chased by Chelsea and Manchester United if you're to believe the transfer rumours, and it's perfectly clear why.

Earlier this season, the young Brighton forward almost scored what would have been one of the goals of the season, if only the goals were a "few inches bigger", as he said himself.

So close...

And while that one was unlucky not to go in, he had a lot more good fortune when he went on an incredible run just a couple of days ago against Middlesborough.

That turn on the halfway line is absolutely incredible. Oh, and by the way, that goal was in a cup final that Brighton went on to win.

Moran caught the eyes of the public when he was being named on Bray's first-team bench when he was just 15 years of age.

Bray chairman Niall O'Driscoll was quick to sing Moran's praises, insisting he has what it takes to go "all the way".

He said: "Andy was always a very alert kid. He very focused from a young age and technically strong. Despite his size, he was very driven with a strong mentality and always wanted to win."

When asked if there was a buzz around his name for a young age, O'Driscoll said: "Yes definitely. He really only developed when he played in academy teams and progressed when brought into first team albeit at a very young age!

"He has the potential to go all the way as long as his club nurtures his growth and ability."

The last point made by O'Driscoll is why we're quite happy he's at Brighton.

There is a clear path to the first team there for him, as fellow countryman Aaron Connolly will be able to attest.

And without insulting Connolly, the buzz surrounding Moran's name is greater than was ever the case with the young Galway man.

Maybe in three years time we'll see Brighton line up with a 4-4-2, with both strikers being young Irishmen.

Fingers crossed.