Rachael Blackmore's RTE documentary on her year gets rave reviews

Rachael Blackmore's RTE documentary on her year gets rave reviews

A DOCUMENTARY that aired on RTE on Wednesday night about Rachael Blackmore has received rave reviews.

The documentary called Rachael Blackmore: A Grand Year was made by film maker Ross Whitaker. He was tasked with summing up the trailblazer's iconic year. 

The 32-year-old became the first woman to become top jockey at Cheltenham earlier this year and also won at Aintree.

The awards flowed in with RTE Sportsperson of the Year, the BBC International Sports Personality of the Year and The Horse Racing Hero award. 


RTE viewers were quick to praise Whitaker's documentary

One social media user wrote: "Rachael Blackmore : A Grand Year What a show from #rte

Another wrote: "What a sportsperson #RachaelBlackmore is. Excellent documentary on her career to date and covering her exceptional 2021"

While another said: "Great documentary about Rachael Blackmore on RTE tonight. Always enjoy her interviews. What a phenomenal sports person. She has done so much for racing. An inspiration for young sports women too!"

And another added: "That was a superb watch well done to all involved. What an amazing sportsperson Rachael is and to see the way the other jockeys speak of her is fantastic. She deserves all the plaudits"

Early in her career, she admitted she feared she wasn't "good enough" and that her detractors told her to take up another career, but she didn't take up the advice

Her family feared she might have to give it up within a few months to get a "real job" but this wasn't the case as her determination and hard work began to pay off and she kept riding winners.

Sharing the key to her success, she said:

"The basic things for me like getting a good start, being aware of race pace and where you should be in a race, being aware of the riders around you, getting to know the people you ride against and their different mannerisms. The more you practise, the better you're going to get.

"I love riding horses, but it's the love of winning that makes you do that."