Roddy Collins has said that Sky's apology for the Celtic 'If you hate the Royal Family, clap your hands chants pissed him off'

Roddy Collins has said that Sky's apology for the Celtic 'If you hate the Royal Family, clap your hands chants pissed him off'

FORMER LEAGUE OF IRELAND BOSS RODDY COLLINS has stated that Sky's apology for the Celtic's chants against St. Mirren 'really pissed him off'' 

Colins writing his column for the Daily Star said that he would be cancelling his Sky subscription as a result.  

Last Sunday Celtic supporters were asked to perform in a minute's clap for the late Queen Elizebeth II. 

The ground full of football fans did perform the clap, but with an added twist from Celtic fans. 

Hoops fans chanted 'If you hate the Royal Family, clap your hands', while everyone clapped in the ground. 

Sky showing the game issued a quick apology at the time. 

“I’ll be cancelling my Sky account this week,” Collins told Irish Daily Star. To hear them apologise yesterday for the behaviour of Celtic supporters really pissed me off. 

“800 years of oppression and there is a certain cohort that wants us to just suck it up and go away. 


Collins also took issue with former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan for his comments regarding their chants in the Champions League game against Shakhtar Donetsk 

Celtic fans unveiled a banner with the words F*** the crown, and there was another banner with a reference to Michael Fagan, the man who snuck into the Queen's bedroom in 1982 

Jordan working for Talksport demanded that UEFA come down hard on Celtic for their actions 

Collins didn't take too kindly to his viewpoint in the column 

"I thought I’d heard it all when Simon Jordan, a former Crystal Palace chairman, threw his toys out of the pram last week," he added  

“He wants UEFA to punish Celtic fans for chanting ‘F*** the crown’ during their Champions League match. Himself and Jeremy Kyle have been tripping over themselves to prove their royalist credentials. 

If I was talking to him face-to-face and not over the phone, I’d have strangled him. There continues to be an anti-Irish sentiment in England, albeit more under the surface. 

“A lot of lip service has been paid over recent years to improved relations, such as royal visits. But there remains an undercurrent of the old ‘No dogs, no blacks, no Irish’ atmosphere that was far more out in the open decades ago. 

“And as soon as something such as the recent banners and chants occurs, it surfaces again. Celtic is an Irish club and Liverpool is a city populated by Irish, even though their gripe with the British establishment is to do with other issues. 

The club are yet to receive any sort of punishment for the chanting.  

The full column can be read here