Six Rangers fans were removed from a Ryanair plane on Monday

Six Rangers fans were removed from a Ryanair plane on Monday

A FAN OF GLASGOW RANGERS was removed from a Ryanair plane heading to Portugal  

Officials boarded flight FR9130, travelling from Manchester Airport to Faro, on Monday - which saw six passengers removed from the plane. 

One was ejected off at Manchester Airport, before the flight hit the sky's  

Five more were removed after the plane diverted to Nantes, France, where it was met by local police officers. 

The Daily record in Scotland said: In a clip shared online, three uniformed men are seen walking down the aisles of the plane before one man are asked to get out of his seat and leave the aircraft. 

A dark-haired passenger, wearing a black T-shirt, stood up and moved out into the aisle to allow a man to get out of his seat. 

The second man, wearing a large, colourful sombrero and a Rangers FC shirt, emerged from the window seat, and is led off the plane by security 


A spokesperson for Ryanair said: "A small number of disruptive passengers were removed from this Manchester to Faro flight. 

"One passenger was removed prior to departure, and following a diversion to Nantes, a further five disruptive passengers were removed and met by police on arrival. 

"Separately, another passenger who required medical attention onboard quickly recovered, did not require further medical attention, and continued to Faro. 

"Following a short delay of approx. 1hr15mins in Nantes, this flight continued to Faro where it landed safely at 10.04pm. 

"Ryanair apologises sincerely to passengers for the inconvenience caused by this delay." 

Greater Manchester Police Division have been contacted for comment. 

This comes after a handful of Rangers ex-players have asked fans to behave on social media ahead of final against Eintracht Frankfurt tomorrow.  

Rangers last two European cup finals have been marred in violence. These include the 1972 European Cup Winners' Cup final victory over Dynamo Moscow. 

The Gers were banned from European competition for a year after fans clashed with Spanish police on the Nou Camp pitch.  

There were also violent scenes in Manchester city centre in 2008 after an estimated 200,000 fans travelled south ahead of Rangers' UEFA Cup final defeat by Zenit St Petersburg.