Spectators to be trialled at outdoor sports events in Ireland

Spectators to be trialled at outdoor sports events in Ireland

BIG NEWS for the sports fans of Ireland.

An Taoiseach has told the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party meeting that spectators will be trialled at outdoor sports events across Ireland in July.

This comes shortly after Ireland had their Euro 2020 games taken from them, and moved to London and Russia.

UEFA confirmed that it had required an assurance of a minimum of 25 per cent spectator attendance at each game, which the Irish Government was unable to meet due to Covid restrictions.

However, An Taoiseach's latest comments may provide Irish sports fans with some level optimism going into the summer months.

Martin had previously said that "outdoor is the theme for the summer", which might bode well for outdoor sporting events and concerts.

Meanwhile, away from the world of sport, Leo Varadkar told his parliamentary party that indoor dining could return as soon as July with six people to a table.

Varadkar said: "I will still be hopeful, and on the confident side of hopeful that we'll have indoor dining in pubs and restaurants in July.

"It's just that July is quite far away, and we can't really make a call until the end of June.

"But you know cases are stable, hospitalisations and ICUs are falling.

"And every day tens of thousands of more people are vaccinated so you know, if I was in the hospitality business I'd be planning for outdoors in June and indoors in July, subject to all the usual caveats."

Now all we need is a nice bit of weather.