Gary Neville wants clubs to stop postponing games due to Covid-19

Gary Neville wants clubs to stop postponing games due to Covid-19

SKY SPORTS pundit Gary Neville has said that Premier League clubs should stop postponing games due to Covid-19 cases. The former Manchester United defender has asked Premier League clubs to 'get on with it' and 'trust their young players.

15 matches have been called off in December due to the rise of the Omicron variant.

The Premier League's rules require teams to play their game. They have a minimum of 13 outfield players and a goalkeeper in the squad.

Clubs such as Chelsea and Everton have had requests to call off games rejected, while other clubs like Wolves and Leeds have had their requests rejected.

Some supporters have been notified with less than two hours notice that their game will not go ahead, which has annoyed fans.

Neville quoted talkSPORT presenter Adrian Durham's tweet about the ELF's regulations on playing games during Covid outbreaks.

It read:

"Clubs will be expected to play where it has 14 players including a goalkeeper available from the club's registered squad list.

"Under-21 players not on the squad list but [who] have played one League match", or "any other contracted player not on the squad list" will also be eligible to play.

The presenter then wrote himself:

"Here is @EFL rules on postponing games. Championship 1st team squad [squad] + U23s = about 40 players. So 26 out?

"Possible but maybe games being called off too easily, more scrutiny needed. If things aren't right points should be forfeited and costs paid to the club robbed of a home fixture."

Neville was in agreement with the suggestion and replied by calling for clubs to continue playing despite the number of absentees.

He said:

"No way these clubs can't get a team out. We've seen in the PL when teams requests are rejected they end up playing near on fun strength line-ups.

"Time for clubs to get on with it and trust their young players unless in exceptional circumstances."

The Premier League reported 103 tests had come back as positive - the highest number recorded since tests first began.