Top class coaches needed to improve London club hurling

Top class coaches needed to improve London club hurling

A FEW weeks ago when Fulham Irish announced that Peter Canavan was getting involved with the club it got me thinking.

I’m very interested in the club hurling scene in London, but being honest there aren’t enough top quality coaches involved in the game.  We have a lot of good managers, but a coach is a different thing entirely.

From speaking with relations and people I know well back in Ireland it is definitely something I think clubs here should do more.  Getting somebody with Canavan’s profile involved will benefit Fulham Irish in many ways.

Undoubtedly the players will improve working regularly with a person that is so highly regarded, while the club’s profile increases.  It also gives them a great opportunity to be successful in the Championship.

Any little edge you can get is worth taking in the summer so to see Canavan involved will be interesting and everyone will now expect Fulham Irish to do well.

Having watched London in the Christy Ring Cup I was left thinking about the guys involved and how it is hard for them to maximise their potential in London.

Without top class coaching at club level players cannot really operate to the very best of their ability.  Clubs in London really need to look at ways of getting people like Canavan over here on a regular basis.

Of course people will talk about funding and the investment required to attract people over here with expertise.

Looking back over the past few decades you had people like Kildare football manager Jason Ryan over here and they would know what is necessary to develop and improve good teams.

Obviously we are in the middle of the inter-county Championship season at the moment, but when teams are knocked out perhaps clubs here could look at trying to attract managers over to work with the people in their respective clubs.

It isn’t something that will happen overnight, but clubs could use the money they raise throughout the year wisely by seeking to improve the skill-set of those already involved in their panels.