U.S. expected to announce diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing

U.S. expected to announce diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing

NO U.S government official under the Biden administration is expected to attend the 2022 Beijing Olympics due to a diplomatic boycott, this news comes from several sources

The boycott move will be sent as a message to China without the exclusion of any US athletes from entering or competing in the games. The National Security Council, who have mentioned the boycott in private, did not comment on the matter.

Current US president Joe Biden last month confirmed reports that he was looking at a diplomatic boycott with Democratic and Republican lawmakers. Nancy Pelosi, the house speaker has been one of the most vocal about the boycott.

US athletes will still be allowed to compete in 2022. 1980 was the last US boycott, Jimmy Carter was the American president back then

Beijing has warned the Americans that it would take "resolute countermeasures" against the Biden administration if the diplomatic boycott went ahead.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at a news conference Monday.

"The US should stop politicizing sports and hyping up the so-called 'diplomatic boycott' so as not to affect China-US dialogue and cooperation in important areas,"

Zhao called the potential boycott "a stain on the spirit of the Olympic charter" and a "sensationalist and politically manipulative" move by US politicians.

Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping had diplomatic talk last month, but there was no breakthrough

However Chinese relations turned sour at the end of Trump's reign and have continued to dissipate under Biden's reign. US and Chinese diplomats traded barbs during a March summit in Alaska.

It is believed a senior Biden administration official was present for the discussions in November. They said that Xi and Biden engaged in a healthy debate at the November summit. Biden spoke about human rights, Chinese aggression toward Taiwan and trade issues.

Biden is said to be focused on addressing supply chain issues, climate change, North Korea and Iran -- has a nexus to China. And the two countries, which have the world's two largest economies, remain in disputes over trade, military aggression, global infrastructure, public health and human rights.

China has also been criticized for detaining and abusing Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

The State Department, along with some European countries, has classified China’s actions against Uyghurs as “genocide.”

“We have serious concerns about the human rights abuses that we’ve seen,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said last month.