Blarney Castle among most popular global locations for good luck

Blarney Castle among most popular global locations for good luck

BLARNEY CASTLE in Co Cork has ranked among the most popular of luckiest places in the world for people to visit.

When TripAdvisor reviews, Instagram hashtags and monthly search terms were compiled, it was found that Blarney Castle was the fifth most popular lucky place in the world, receiving a score of 7.5/10.

According to legend, kissing the Blarney Stone located at the castle endows the kisser with the gift of the gab (great eloquence or skill at flattery).

The research was carried out by who analysed 30 locations believed to bring good luck.

TheTrevi Fountain in Rome, Italy stands as the most popular location to visit for good fortune this year with a popularity score of 9.5/10 - 90% higher than the average of 5 out of 10. Ranking highest for number of TripAdvisor reviews (102,194) and second highest for Instagram hashtags (572,969), this fountain, completed in 1762, is both picturesque and a delight to visit. Those looking for good fortune should stand with their back to the fountain and toss a coin over their left shoulder to guarantee both luck and a return trip to Rome in the future.

TheHagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey ranks as the second most popular location to visit for luck, boasting a popularity score of 9.3/10 with the second highest monthly search volume average (293,000). Located in the Hagia Sophia is a bronze hole on the ‘sweating column’ which, if visitors touch with their thumb at a 360 degree angle, is believed to make any wish come true.

Ranking third is Hoover Dam in Nevada, United States with a popularity score of 9.2/10, boasting the highest global monthly search volume average of 305,000 searches. People travel far and wide to rub the feet of the Winged Figures of the Republic statue which are known to bring good luck.

Following closely behind among the most popular locations to visit for good fortune this year are Charles Bridge (9), Blarney Castle (7.5) and Fushimi Inari-taisha (7.1) respectively ranking fourth, fifth and sixth.