WATCH: Video of Galway beach on rare sunny day looks like tropical paradise

WATCH: Video of Galway beach on rare sunny day looks like tropical paradise

A VIDEO of a Galway beach has gone viral after beautiful sunshine lit up the strand and water to make it look like a tropical paradise.

Dolphin Beach resort near Clifden Galway, offers picturesque accommodation in the rugged wilderness of Connemara, beautifully located on the famous Sky Road near a gorgeous sandy beach.

This particular beach is one of the hidden gems of Galway's west coast-- its soft, sandy strand, intricate rockpools and calm waters makes it popular with locals, though it isn't as well known as some other Connemara favourites like Dogs Bay.

This could be about to change, however, as a video of the strand taken by Dolphin Beach resorts during Ireland's mini-heatwave last week has begun making the rounds on social media, hitting Facebook, Instagram and more, and being liked and shared thousands of times.

The short clip shows the majesty of the strand, clear blue-green waters, a bright blue sky and the islands and hills off in the distance-- and has inspired plenty of people to begin planning their next trip.

The west of Ireland is well-known for its countless sandy beaches, and while for most of the year the strands are packed with families wrapped up against the cold and the wind as they brace the weather to take a walk, the summer brings warm and sunny days and these incredible beaches light up and show their true potential.

If you're planning your Staycation for this summer, you can visit Dolphin Beach resorts on their website here-- and check out The Irish Post's ultimate list of Galway beaches here.