Government  offers business support to help returning Irish emigrants bring 'skills and experience' home

Government offers business support to help returning Irish emigrants bring 'skills and experience' home

A BUSINESS initiative funded by the Irish government offers entrepreneurial emigrants planning to return to Ireland help with setting up a business.

Focused on returned emigrants who have lived out of Ireland for more than a year, or emigrants currently living abroad, but planning to return home in the near future, the Back for Business programme will support them in starting and developing a business once they are back in Ireland.

Funded through the Emigrant Support Programme, the six-month, part-time scheme hopes to foster the skills and achievements emigrants have accrued while abroad for the benefit of their homeland.

Regarding its 2020 instalment, which begins this month, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Simon Coveney said: “I welcome the launch of a new round of the Back for Business programme. “My department’s continued funding of this initiative is an important contribution in supporting the entrepreneurial skills of our well-educated and well-connected returning Diaspora.

“Their experience of working and living internationally, assisted by the Back for Business programme, can bring the benefits of new investment and employment opportunities across Ireland.”

With an “entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs” ethos, the initiative brings candidates together with successful businesspeople in Ireland who will share their business experience, contacts and networking opportunities.

Diaspora Minister Ciarán Cannon claims its existence can make a “real difference” to the experience of emigrants returning home.

“Global Irish – Ireland’s Diaspora Policy, is aimed at supporting the successful return to Ireland of our Diaspora,” he said.

“Back for Business is a practical measure to implement this commitment.”

He added: “This programme can make a real difference to returned and returning emigrants, who want to establish new businesses in Ireland.
“The successful delivery of this programme will enable these entrepreneurs to build new businesses and contribute to our economy and society.”

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